Turkey in Transition and the Relationship with Russia

November 15, 2016, Conference Venue: De Koninklijke IGC, Dam 27, Amsterdam

This one-day conference hosts experts who will reflect Turkey’s contemporary situation from the different perspectives of (inter)national politics, economics, accession to EU, minorities’ rights, the position of women, the refugee crisis, and the battles in the Middle East. The recent developments such as the attempted coup in July 2016 have puzzled both the general public and the experts. One thing is clear, Turkey is in the middle of a difficult yet transformative period, of which the outcome is unpredictable. This conference aims to contribute to a holistic understanding of not only the current events in but also around Turkey by providing a broader historical and political context of the developments.

Conference reception for the participants, special guests and hosts will take place on the evening of the 15th of November 2016, including a dinner and a panel discussion.

During the conference several (co)authors will be hosted in Amsterdam to sign their books on Turkey and Turkey related issues.

For further information, please visit the conference website: www.turkeyinstitute.org

9.00             Registration 

9:45                        Welcome Speech

Dr Gürkan Çelik

Present Nederland Academia                            

10.00                     Keynote Speech: Turkish Foreign Policy in a New Era

Prof Dr Ronald H. Linden, University of Pittsburgh, USA


10.25            Morning Session: Turkey’s neighbours and geopolitics

 1. Turkey and the EU

Dr Thomas von der Dunk, University of Amsterdam

 2. Turkey in the Middle East

Bill Park, King’s College London, UK

 3. Turkey and Russia

Dr Joris Van Bladel, Belgium

 4. Turkish Politics

Joost Lagendijk, Turkey

 5. Turkish Democratization and Disputes

Dr Paul Linden, Stockholm University, Sweden

 11.40                     Questions and discussion

 12.40                     Lunch Break (€20,- p.p.) and Book Signings

 14.00                     Afternoon Speech: Mapping Turkey

Prof Dr Henri Barkey, Wilson Center, USA

14.25          Afternoon Session: Mapping Turkey 

 5. Turkish economy: energy, gas and oil

Marc Guillet, Turkey

 6. The Kurdish Question

Dr Joost Jongerden, Wageningen University

 7. Women in Turkey

 Prof Dr Jenny White, Stockholm University, Sweden (not physically present)

 8. Religion and Turkey

Dr Nico Landman, Utrecht University

 9. Turkey and Turks in Europe

Prof Dr Thijl Sunier, VU Amsterdam

 Questions and discussion

 17.00                     Concluding Reflections

Dennis I’Ami

 Evening Program (incl. dinner and a panel discussion)

18.00-21.30         Dinner and lectures (€45,- p.p.)

Evening Session:        Turkey in transition and the relationship with Russia

Moderator: Hans Vrind, President of The Hague based Turkish Table of Socieitëit De Witte

Speakers and Panellists:

Kati PiriTurkey Rapporteur, member European Parliament

Joost Lagendijk, Columnist, former member European Parliament

Gürkan Celik, president Nederland Academia and author of: Het Nieuwe Turkije.

Heleen over de Linden, second-year PhD student and president Russia Table, Royal Industrieele Groote Club, Amsterdam

 Conference website: www.turkeyinstitute.org

Organizers: Nederland Academia, VU Amsterdam & Stockholm University.

Place of the venue: www.igc.nl