19 juli 2014. Zomerevenement ‘’Slaviansky bazaar''


Due to the disaster with flight MH17, the commitee of the Russia, Eastern Europe & Central Asia Table ammended the programme: there will be memorial moments and the lectures about Crimea will be postponed untill September.

Our feelings are with the relatives and friends of all persons who died as a result of the plain crash.

The committees of the Russia Table and the Eastern Europe & Central Asia Table of the Koninklijke Groote Industrieele Club and their sponsors, cordially invite you on Saturday the 19th of July 2014, for:

Slaviansky Bazaar

The celebration will take place in the 17th Century Geelvinck Hinlopen palace on Herengracht in Amsterdam and in the inner garden connecting that canal with the Keizersgracht.


16.00 – 17.00 PM

The presentation of the International Festival of Arts "Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk" (http://fest-sbv.by/en/) organized by the Embassy of Belarus in the Netherlands and Honorary consul of Belarus in The Netherlands dr. J.A.W. Buisman will take place at the Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis in the Van Rossum zaal.

Those who are interested in discovering the Belarusian culture, history and tourism potential are cordially invited to this special and exclusive event. The programme will also include a short presentation of the trip to Belarus, including the visit  to the "Slavianski Bazaar 2014", by the Dutch participants of that trip (9-12 July 2014).

 Entrance: Herengracht 518, Amsterdam. The event is free of charge. Registration by sending an e-mail with your name to: secretariaat@ruslandtafel.nl. Entrance only with an e-mail confirmation.

17.00 – 18.30 PM

Several presentations will be given about the economic prospective and development of the Crimea. The presentations will be held by experts in English. The experts will inform you about doing business at the Crimea on the specific principles of Special Economic Zones which provide you with unique advantages and business opportunities, such as: infrastructure (harbors, airports, roads), shipbuilding industry (including marine and offshore equipment), tourism, spa resorts, retail of flowers, landscape architecture, waste processing, clean drinking water etc.

The lectures will takes place at the Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis at the Van der Poll zaal. Entrance: Herengracht 518, Amsterdam.

The lectures are free of charge. Wodka tasting at the end of the presentations is included. Registration by sending an e-mail with your name and companyname to: secretariaat@ruslandtafel.nl Entrance only with an e-mailconfirmation.

18.30 – 19.00

Beginning of the evening programme*. Entrance from the Keizersgracht  633.

19.00 – 19.30

Piano recital by Russian pianist Alexander Drozdov. www.drozdov.nl . Alexander Drozdov was born in Moscow. He followed his music education in Russia, United States and Europe. His talent was noticed rather early in the professional field - he entered prestigious Gnessin Music School for Gifted Children. His further study brought him to famous Gnessin Music Academy in Moscow in the class of Vladimir Tropp. In 2002 Alexander receives his Bachelor diploma for solo performance, chamber music and accompaniment. In September 2010 his first CD published under Quintone Records. The CD was officially presented at the Hermitage Amsterdam by H.R.H. Princess Christina of the Netherlands in a presence of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands.

Uzbek plov, offered by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Benelux.

19.30 - 22.30
Several musical intermezzo’s by Musica Nostalgia www.musicanostalgia.nl . The four ladies of the ensemble will play and sing passionate arias and nostalgic Russian & Ukrainian romances and serenades from earlier centuries.

There will be exposition of work by the Belorussian artist Victoria Kovalenchikova www.vkgallery.nl . The owner of the London gallery ‘’Peace and Colour’’ Irina Emtseva will bring a number of masterpieces with her for the occasion www.peaceandcolor.com .
A collection of Russian hand-painted matrioshkas and decorative art will be presented by Larisa Bilous www.larisabilous.nl .

Also present at the event: Glagoslav Publications, specialized in translating and publishing Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian Literature in Dutch and English. Since its establishment in 2011, Glagoslav published more than 35 award-winning books in both fiction and non-fiction categories. Glagoslav’s authors present their countries in their own way, giving readers a chance to explore the Slavic region through the new medium – Glagoslav’s books.  www.glagoslav.nl .

During the evening you can taste various Slavonic snacks, including blinchiki with red caviar. The Netherlands-based caviar producer Anna Caviar will surprise you with home-farmed black caviar www.annacaviar.nl .  You will be invited to various speeches and to the re-announcement of the KIGC Georgia trip, scheduled for October 2014.

As from 22.30

After-party at the stylish location near the Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis (5 minute walk).


Ticket price, including Russian and Uzbek food, vodka tasting and above mentioned programme €32,50 per person. Dress code: tenue de ville or Eastern European traditional clothing.

Cancellations made before 12.00 on 18th July will be fully refunded. As from 18th July 12.00 no refund will be possible.


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