Do meet with the visiting Trade delegation Kazakhstan

“Do meet with the Visiting Trade delagation Kazakhstan at a 3-course dinner on March 1st 2012 in The Industrial Club!”

The rich and growing economy of Kazakhstan needs to improve its agricultural related and food chain. Companies are seeking contact with Dutch entrepreneurs in dairy, fisheries, greenhouse production, animal feeds, vegetable logistics, livestock agriculture, horticulture etc.

You are kindly invited to participate  in this dinner event and to meet 14 members of the Kazach trade delegation.

Please note that this is the first evening that the restaurant  is management by the Club!

Fore more details about the companies of the participants of this matchmaking event you are kindly requested to call the secretary of the Russia-, and CIS-table at: 06-21280276.

Scedule of the evening:

18.00 -19.00 pm. Drinks in the Clubzaal.

19.00 pm: Short introduction of the Kazakh participants (by themselves).

20.00 pm: three course dinner including coffee or tea.

22.00 pm: end of the event.