Maandag 16 november 2015

Monday 16 November 2015

 Business and investment possibilities for Dutch companies in Belarus

 The evening will be opened by HE Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus in The Netherlands, Mr. Mikalai Barysevich. He will introduce also the speakers of the evening, who are coming from Belarus this evening to inform us about all relevant and current possibilities of doing business with Belarus.


Ms Natalia Nikandrova – Director, National Investment and Privatization Agency.

Mr Roman Sobolev – Director, Department of Foreign Economic Activities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

The speakers will share their views on the current macroeconomic and financial situation in Belarus, investment and privatization opportunities, as well as on the recent developments in the Eurasian Economic Union (wher the Customs Union is part of) and bilateral trade and economic cooperation between the Netherlands and Belarus.

If you have a special question to one or more of the speakers, please feel free to let us know at forehand, by sending an e-mail to:


Some backround information about the EA EU*

Customs Union and Eurasian Economic Union

The EU Newspapers informed us about the Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazachstan, which became into force in 2010. We heared also about the Eurazian Economic Union (EA EU). However the information is generally spoken, superficial and sceptical. The NRC Handelsblad informed us that: Mr. Putin “rigged” (opgetuigd) the EA EU as counterparter of the EU.

Where the EAEU started in 2014 with the three aforementioned members, less than one year later, there are already five members: Armenia and Kirgistan jointed in 2015 and in the waiting queue are a lot of potential members. Armenia and Kirgistan joined as well the customs Union, now called: EA CU. At 15 october 2015 there was a meeting in Astana (Kazachstan) with the members of the CIS-countries, all potential members of the EA EU, based on the information provided by the EA EU. But also the EU is invited to become member (…). 

As of January 2015 the EAEU has an official website. Interesting to have a look at it: (in Russian) and: (in English).

 "Seeing is believing"

A group of members of the Royal Industrieele Groote Club traveled in September 2015 to Kazachstan and a part of the group aswel to Kirgistan. During several meetings (with Dutch diplomats in Almaty and Astana and Kazach members of the Chamber of Commerce in Almaty) it became clear that Central Asia is as a prospective part of the world which started to develop very quicky. China is an enormous investor in that region and is now building the so called “Silk Road”, a higway from China to St. Petersburg (for the roadmap see enclosure). The building of this highway is compared with the Suez channel and with the Transsiberia Express: projects who changed world economy forever.

The name ''Silk road'' is not only used for the highway but for a whole new concept of world economy: "The Silk road belt".

This silk road will change the world economy as said by locals and members of the Almaty Chamber of Commerce. Regional websites and newspapers are informing us as follows: The economic zone “Silk road” can be seen as a counterpart against America and the hegemony of the dollar. One of the main objectives of the “Silk road” is to reintegrate countries as: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Irak, Central-Asia and Iran in the international economy by way of organizing good infrastructure. Good infrastructure is the starting point for prosperity, wealth and economic development.

The “Silk road” includes 4,5 billion people (!) over 60 countries with a productivity potential of 21 triljard dollar. The Silk road has to become a counterpart of the WTO as mentioned by countries involved in the project.

Some members of the Royal Industrieele Groote Club, traveled on a part of the Silk road highway which is built by Chinese already in 2011 in Kirgistan (between Bishkek and Lake Issyk-Kul). The road is of a very good quality and has a good capacity. The group members were positivily surprised and fully agree with the statement that good infrastructure is the beginning of wealth and prosperity. 

 *This information is composed and provided by the Eastern-Europe & Central Asia Table.


18.00-19.00 Drinks in the bar of the Royal Industrieele Groote Club

19.00-20.00 Introduction by HE Mr. Mikalai Barysevich and lectures by: Ms Natalia Nikandrova and mr.Mr Roman Sobolev. 

20.00- approximately 22.30: Two-course dinner, two glasses of wine and water, coffee and tea.

For more information about the speakers including their CVs, see the website of the Embassy of Belarus in The Netherlands and the website of the National agency of investment and privatization

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Price per person for the lectures  is € 10,- (no VAT).  

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Price per person for dinner at the Royal Industrieele Groote Club (including 2 glasses of wine and water) is € 36,50 (The price for dinner and drinks is the same for members and non-members of the Royal Industrieele Groote Club). 

Deadline for registration: Thursday 12 November 2015 at 11.50 for dinner and Friday 13 November 2015 at 11.50 - for the lectures.

To register for the lectures + 1 drink at the bar (for non members of the Royal Industrieele Groote Club), please transfer the amount of € 10,- per person to the bank account of the Stichting Oost-Europa & Centraal Azie Tafel: NL 35RABO0304187836 with the ref: ‘’1611’’ Please mention for each participant the family name and a unique personal e-mail address for the confirmation. Instead of “@” please type ‘’at’’. 

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Dresscode: tenue de ville (jasje-dasje).