Saturday 4 July 2015, midsummer event at Chateau de la Motte

The committee of the Russia Table of the Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club, and their sponsors, cordially invite you to a mid-summer cultural event on Saturday, 4th of July 2015.


The celebration will begin in the Bonbonniere in Maastricht and continue in the 18th-century Chateau de la Motte in Belgium (near Maastricht).

Een mooie fotoserie van het evenement is te vinden op onze facebookpagina:

Due to the weather forcast for 4 July in Belgium, the Honorary Consul decided to open the swimmingpool at the Chateau for the guests of the event.

Small programme changes possible, due to the weatherforcast: up to 40 degrees.

Saturday 4 July 2015 - midsummer event at Chateau de la Motte

The celebration will begin in the Bonbonniere in Maastricht and continue in the 18th-century Chateau de la Motte in Belgium (near Maastricht).

 For corolfull details: see the enclosed flyer and website.

The event will start at 12.00 at the Bonbonniere with a welcome speech by Mr P.H.L.C (Constantijn) Van Vloten, the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in the Province of Limburg. This will be followed by lunch and a walking tour in Maastricht, guided by Dmitry Boutylkov, a long-term resident who is familiar with the historical places associated with Russia in Maastricht. The excursion will end in the Bonbonniere with coffee and tea.

During the excursion the group will visit a small exhibition of the Organisation for the prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The first large-scale use of chemical weapons occurred 100 years ago, near Ieper in Belgium in April 1915. The exhibition in Maastricht will be opened by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands. More information about the exhibition as it took place in the Hague earlies this year:

From 16.00 the cultural event will continue at Chateau de la Motte with a welcome glass of sparkling wine in the cherry orchard. All guests are cordially invited to pick cherries and to enjoy them under the trees in the orchard. An accordion player will create a typical Russian country atmosphere with nostalgic folk music performed by the ensemble: Musica NostalgiaFor more details: Last year, during the summer event of 19 July 2014 Musica Nostalgia performed at the Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis. The Russia Table appreciated very much the flexibility of Musica Nostalgia to change the programme two days before the celebration, as a result of the MH17 disaster.

At 17.30 the Honorary Consul and the committee of the Russia Table will open the evening part of the celebration. This part of the event will take place in the Chateau’s historic courtyard.

During the whole evening: exhibition of art paintings of the family Khudyakov (St.Petersburg). Wassily Khudyakov will be present to inform you about the paintings he, his father Alexsey and his grand father Leonid made during the last century. Wassily Khudyakov is also restaurator of art and gives privat and group lessons. Group lessons take place at wednesday evening in Amsterdam. Formerly he restaurated paintings in the Hermitage (St.Petersburg) and Paleis het Loo (Apeldoorn). For more information: The paintings Wassily will show during the event are for sell as well. Wassily can tell you detailed about the paintings because all of them are made in his family. 

During the evening tax lawyer and attorney-at-Law mrs. Heleen M.A. over de Linden will give a small presentation on the legal aspects of the July 2014 (more than 600 pages) decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague in the Yukos case. The decision resulted in June 2015 in seizures on state owned property of the Russian Federation first of all in Belgium, followed by France and Austria. The amount due based on the decision is high. The court decision may work as an oilslick over the whole EU. Topic of the presentation: the claim (and the history of this case), the answer of defendant, the court decision, the legal tools of claimant and defender.

Starting of dinner at 20.00 a typical Russian four-course dinner will be served in one of the most atmospheric castle rooms with a view of the castle grounds. During dinner several speeches and presentations will take place, such as mentioned above and the presentation of the KIGC trip to Kazakhstan in September 2015 by Natalia Didier of Voyage & Culture, and speeches by guests of honour. Natalia Didier organized together with the Russia Table a very succesfull trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg in september 2013 and with the Eastern-Europe & Central Asia Table to Georgia in october 2014. 

At 22.30 the dance floor will be open. A local DJ will create a lively atmosphere and guests will be free to dance all night long.

According to the local Belgian traditions there is no closing time set for the event. It will end when everybody goes home.

For those who are planning to stay the night in the area, we suggest visiting the biggest antique & flea market in Benelux, which takes place in Tongeren ( 18 km from the Chateau) every Sunday.


Afternoon at the Bonbonniere: lunch, excursion and coffee or tea:  € 20  per person.

Evening programme at the Chateau de la Motte: € 55 per person, including: a welcome drink & cherries in the orchard, entertainment and a typical Russian four-course dinner with two glasses of wine and water.

Not included: additional drinks, transfer from Maastricht to the Chateau and overnight stay.

For more information about staying in the hotel of the Chateau or next to the Chateau we suggest you to check the website. For car-pooling, please send an e-mail to:

To register for the afternoon in Maastricht, please transfer the amount of € 20 to the bank account of the Stichting Rusland Dag, NL18RABO 01581.67.252 with the ref: ‘’0407’’ and your personal e-mailaddress for the confirmation. In your payment instruction please type ‘’at’’ instead of “@”. 

If you wish to stay for the four-course dinner incl. 2 glasses of wine and water at Chateau de la Motte, please transfer the amount of € 55. If you are taking part in the whole event (Maastricht and Chateau de la Motte), please transfer the amount of € 75  per person.

Dress code: tenue de ville or traditional Eastern European clothing.

Small programme changes may be possible.

Cancellation: before 3 July 2015, full refund. As of 3 July 2015: no refund. However a namechange is possible.