Each year on the 13th of January the Russia Table and the Eastern Europe & Central-Asia Table of the Royal Industrieele Groote Club celebrates the Old New Year according to the Julian Calendar. Continuing a great tradition started at the Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, since 2006 the celebration takes place at the Royal IGC in the heart of Amsterdam. This year the event is organised for the 28th time and at 22.00, midnight in Moscow, a traditional vodka toast will be raised again to the Old New Year!


 20.00, Club Room, 1st Floor: Festive reception with East-European accordion music by Arkadi Gankin, accompanied by a violin player Anna Samoylova.

Ca. 21.00 – ca. 21.30, Main Room, 2nd Floor: 1st performance of Amsterdam Klezmer Quartet playing East-European and traditional Klezmer melodies.

Ca. 21.30 – ca. 22.00, Main Room: Presentation of the Club trip for the year 2019, presentation by Natalia Didier-Konstantinova of Voyage & Culture.

22.00, Club Room: Toast to the Old New Year Moscow time, New-Year speech by the chair of the Russia Table, Mrs Heleen over de Linden. Impression of the highlights of Russia over the year 2018. A glass of vodka, sponsored by Diorite B.V.

Ca. 22.15 - 00.00, Main Room: Amsterdam Klezmer Quartet, Balkan and Klezmer dance music, vocal – Lucia Macari

Ca. 22.15 - 01.00, Club Room: Disco show by DJ Goldfinger and DJ Nympho.

23:00 Main Room: Toast to the Old New Year in all former Soviet republics, to the friendship between countries and folks. A round of vodka will be offered by M7M.

During the whole evening in the Vault Room, 2nd Floor: Photo entertainment by Fotoprom.

During the whole evening in the boardroom on the first Floor: Exhibition of paintings of the famous Belarussian artist, Vasily Yasiuk. (Belarussian State Academy of Arts, 1983 with honours).

During the whole evening in the Library, 2nd Floor: Art Studio Olga V. Okuneva. The group exhibition of painting and drawings. ( , )

During the whole evening in the Hall, 2nd Floor: Rotterdam-based showroom “Tatiana Paulowna” presents the Russian elegance created by the top designers from Moscow, Chapurin and A. Terekhov ( A few lucky guests will have a chance to win a teddy bear by Chapurin.

01:00 – End of the event

Dresscode: tenue de ville, uniform or national costume.

Entrance fee:
Members of the Royal IGC will pay € 35,00 per person, including 5 coins for drinks, finger food and entertainment.

Non-members of the Royal IGC and guests of the members will pay € 55,00 per person, including 5 coins for drinks, finger food and entertainment.

Registration and payment:

Members of the Royal IGC can register themselves and their guests via:

Non-members can send an e-mail with the first and last name of themselves and their guests to with the request to provide payment instructions for the event of 13 January 2019.

No tickets at the entrance!

Cancellation is possible until 32 hours before the event starts. From 32 hours until 3 hours before the event: 50 % of the entrance fee will be due. After that the ticket is not refundable.

Contact details: General phone number: 020-6242220. Specific questions, related to the Russia Table, such as related to sponsoring, entertainment etc. can be send to:

More information about the event and the participants: and 

For films of the past years see: youtube (Oud Russisch Nieuwjaar). For pictures of the last years see: facebook (Ruslandtafel) (Oost-Europa & Centraal-Azie Tafel).


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