The Russian Energy sector; how Dutch companies are jointly operating in Russia

Cooperation between the public and private sector is the key issue in the development of the Russian energy sector. Many of the remaining oil-, and gas reserves in Russia are located in remote areas and will require huge investments and leading edge technology for exploration and production. Many Dutch companies have gained experience by participating in the development of the exploration site of Shell at Sachalin and the construction of the LNG plant at this remote location in the Far East of Russia.This experience and the promising prospects of development of oil-, and gas reserves in the Arctic part of Russia, have led a number of Dutch companies to join forces in the Project Delta Group. Hans van Lamoen, as Chairman of the Board of this consortium, is deeply involved in the contacts with the Russian Government, related Agencies and Russian companies active in the energy sector. During his presentation Hans van Lamoen will explain how these contacts are structured and will give you an interesting insight in how to do business with the Russian Government and the private sector.Hans van Lamoen was for 30 years employed by Shell.  For 7 years (2000-2008) he was stationed in Russia as Senior Vice President Gas & Power.