Thursday, 22 october 2015

Thursday, 22 october 2015 

The commitee of the Russia Table (Rusland Tafel) of the Royal Industrieele Groote Club cordially invites you for the festivity to celebrate 70 years Russian Trade Delegation in Amsterdam and for a presentation and reunion of the businesstrips the Russia Table members made together over the past three years to Eastern Europe and for a brainstormsession about "How to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the non commercial Old New Year organized by the Russia Table at the Royal Industrieele Groote Club

Guestspeaker of the evening will be the boardmember of Delovaya Rossia (Business Russia), president of the OOO "Novy Kapital" mr. Alexander Adamovitch RUDIK (член Генерального совета «Деловой России», президент ООО «Нова Капитал» Александр Адамович Рудик).

More information about mr. RUDIK is available at the website of Delovaya Rossia:

The celebration will start at 17.30 PM. As of 18.00 until 19.00 PM: free drinks offered by the Trade Delegation. As of 19.00 mr. Alexander Cherevko, head of the Trade Delegation in Amsterdam will have a speech about the history of the Trade Delegation and their functioning. 

Afterwards, there will be speeches by Russian guests from Delovaya Rossia (Moscow) about doing business with Russia despite the sanctions not infringing them.

The main topic will be: about biomassa from Russia. Russian company is looking for Dutch company interested in cooperation and building a (small) factory working on biomassa. 

Eсть интерес к компаниям, которые являются потребителями биомассы (ритейл и промышленные объемы), в первую очередь древесные пеллеты. Также интересны потенциальные партнёры, которые готовы инициировать и реализовать проект по реконструкции/строительству небольших энергетических источников (электроэнергия/тепло) на территории Нидерландов и на базе биомассы, поставляемой из России.

During the programme a beamerpresentation with photos of the businesstrips of the Russia Table will be showed.

Also there will be a brainstormsession about the lustrum celebration of the Old New year at 13 January, 2016.


From the history of bilateral trade and economic relations

In the years following the World War II foreign trade of the Soviet Union with the Netherlands - as well as with other industrially developed western economies - passed through several stages. In second half of the 1940s, trade and economic relations between the USSR and the Netherlands underwent the influence of the policy of "cold war". In 1950s the bilateral foreign trade, credit and other financial operations - slowly as it was - started to normalize, which in turn had substantial effect on the growth of Soviet-Dutch trade turnover.

In 1983 Soviet-Dutch trade has reached its vertex in history of economic relations between the USSR and the Netherlands with the record amount exceeding 9 bln. NLG. In the following years - due to a number of reasons related mostly to radical reforms in the USSR - there was a decline in Soviet-Dutch trade turnover up to early 1990s.

However, starting from 1993 the positive trend in the dynamics of the bilateral trade recommenced and in the beginning of the new millennium the unprecedented tempo of growth was gained in Russian-Dutch trade. In accordance with data of Federal Customs Service of Russia, in 2014 the turnover of mutual trade between Russia and the Netherlands amounted to 73,2 bln. USD and the share of the Netherlands in the whole volume of Russian foreign trade reached 9,4%.

On the history of establishment of Russian Trade Representation in the Netherlands

After the end of the WW II, in October 1945, against the favorable political background conditioned by the victory over fascism, the USSR and the Netherlands have reached bilateral agreements on establishing Soviet Trade Representation in the Netherlands.

As testified by the Note of the Soviet Embassy to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs as of October 1, 1945 “a wish for developing trade between the USSR and the Netherlands” was expressed by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. E. van Kleffens in a talk with the USSR Ambassador in the Netherlands Mr. V. Valkov that took place on September 11, 1945. Having had considered this initiative, the Soviet Government decided that "with a view of prompt development of trade between our countries... the trade representation shall be established in the Netherlands with place of residence in Amsterdam".

The Note also states that "there is a state monopoly on foreign trade in the USSR, which is implemented through the People's Commissariat of Foreign Trade of the USSR and its trade representations abroad.

Even in this time of significant political tensions between the EU and the Russian Federation, Russian Trade Representation aims to keep up good age-old traditions of the Russian-Dutch cooperation and provide maximum assistance to the successful implementation of bilateral projects in foreign economic activities. 

Nowadays, with a compact staff comparable to that of the time of the establishment, Trade Representation is an organization with a wide range of goals aimed at effective development of the bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

The Trade Representation is a part of the Russian diplomatic mission in the Netherlands and its status is provided for in bilateral Protocol on the legal status of the Trade Representation of the USSR in the Netherlands as of July 14, 1971.

A summary of goals and objectives of the Russian Trade Representation in the Netherlands

Representing and protecting national interests of Russia in the Netherlands with regard to the issues of foreign economic activity;

Carrying out effective foreign economic policy of Russia in the Netherlands;

Promoting development of economic ties between Russia and the Netherlands, growth of Bilateral trade, improvement of its structure;

Encouraging the inflow of Dutch investments to Russian economy;

Informing Dutch state institutions and companies on economic conditions and legal regime of doing business in Russia;

Assisting Russian and Dutch businesses and other organizations in participation in international exhibitions and trade fairs in Russian and the Netherlands respectively.


You are cordially invited to participate at the organization of the lustrum of the non commercial celebration of the Old Russian New Year by finding artists and sponsors or by finding artists willing to perform pro bono.

Suggestions are welcome when they are based on personnal input of work or financial support (sponsoring). The event is organized by volunteers (the committee of the Table) at the starting point without funds. That makes it ''labor-intensive".


Everybody who participated in one or more of the businesstrips is cordially invited to join the evening  and meet with other alumni.

Programme 22 october 2015.:

18:00 pm: "Happy hour" Drinks in the Bar of the Royal Industrieele Groote Club, beamerslideshow.
19:00 uur Presentations: 

Happy hour and/or presentations € 5,00.
20.00 uur Dinner, 2-course menu including coffee/tea: € 26,00. Or 2-course dinner including two glasses of wine and water during dinner: € 36,50.

Registration and payment:

For payment of the abovementiond amount(s) please make a banktransfer to: Stichting Rusland Dag, NL18RABO 0158167252, with ref: "2210" and your personal name and e-mailaddress for the confirmation. Instead of “@” you can mention: “at”. Registrations without personal e-mail address cannot be confirmed. For each person please mention an individual e-mailaddress (according to the regulations of the Royale Industrieele Groote Club).

Each participant is kindly requisted to transfer : € 5,- registration fee, also if only attending the Happy hour. Only confirmed by e-mail of the Russia Table participants can enter the Royal Industrieele Groote Club. 

Members of the Royal Industrieele Groote Club are kindly requested to register via de website In that case no payment of € 5,00 per person is due.  

Ultimate date for registration including payment for the dinner: tuesday 20 october at 12.00. 

Ultimate date for payment of the drinks/lectures: thursday 22 october at 12.00, as long as there are places left. 


In case of cancellation after the abovementioned deadlines: no refund weill be made. Cancellation before the deadline: 100 % refund will be made.